Sofie & Daniel

Event Date: 11 November 2023

Event Location: 604-610 Middleborough Rd, Blackburn North VIC 3130, Australia

Description: In the haven where our lives entwine, a home we'll build, with love so fine. But furnishings play their part to tell, the tales of a life we wish to dwell. If you’d like to contribute to this scene, our wedding wishing well waits, serene. Every gift, be it modest or grand, lays the foundation where our dreams will stand. Each piece will echo stories anew, and in every chair and table, we'll see a hint of you. 🏡💖 (The most important thing is to have you with us on our special day. However, we have been asked what we need or would like. If you do wish to give us something, your cash contribution towards furniture for our new home would be very much appreciated).

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